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Steve Young of One World Artisans has started the Upper St. John River Organization (www.upperstjohnriver.org). This organization is a revival of the Fish River Lakes Water Quality Association with expanded scope to include all the drainage area to the St. John River in Maine, New Brunswick, and Quebec.

The Missing Link between Science and Art

The deep understanding of our craft has been earned through decades of dedication. Mastery of the science behind our offerings allows us to concentrate on the art of management and expression that highest-quality Photography & Wildlife Management requires.


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25 Years Professional Photography Experience!

One World Artisans provides highest quality photography services including wedding photography, copy and restoration of photographs, high-fidelity enlargements done at our studio.

We offer photography with full-frame sensor digital cameras, and fully HABS HAER compliant view camera photography with 4x5" and 8x10" large format cameras.

Our photography studio is equipped with professional flash lighting, and is located in a beatiful patch of woods to offer beautiful backgrounds for natural light photography.

Our Print Shop is equipped with State-of-the-Art Large Format Archival Digital and Laser Commercial Printers - and we have printing down to a Science!

Experience and Expertise: One World Artisans Photographer Steve Young has been offerinig professional photography and custom photographic printing since 1982. Over 20 years experience printing color the hard way (in the dark with chemistry) has contributed to his mastery of the craft. While our color & black and white darkroom is still in operation, we now specialize in digital printing, and our equipment produces truly Archival Digial enlargements with 200-year longevity. Our fanatic devotion to the craft includes use of a spectrophotographer to create paper-specific color profiles used to create high-fidelity enlargements of fine art quality.


Wildlife Habitat Management

Proprietor Steve Young is a Certified Wildlife Biologist, and is the only USDA NRCS Techical Service Provider for Wildlife Conservation Activity Planning in Northern Maine. Steve has extensive field, research, and management experience(see resume).

If you own land, and are interested in improving habitat for wildlife, we may be able to make a Conservation Activity Plan at no cost to you with USDA NRCS funding.

Steve is also the executive director of the Upper St. John River Organization (www.upperstjohnriver.org) that was formed for promote sustainable management of our natural resources.


Jan's Glass Art

Jan Young of One World Artisans has been producing Stained Glass Art since 1996. Jan offerings include fused and slumped glass art, including jewelry, grouted mosaics, sun catchers, and candle holders.

All of Jan's work is one-of-a-kind, as she works intuitively on individual pieces rather than taking a cookie-cutter production approach.

If you are looking for something unique to wear or display, or a gift that is worlds away from ordinary, check One World Artisans store in Frenchville for her current inventory.

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