Offering services of Steve Young Certified Wildlife Biologist, and USDA NRCS Technical Service Provider in Wildlife and Wildlife Conservation Activity Planning

Habitat Planning at One World Artisans offers complete forest habitat and biodiversity management planning services for customers ranging from the small woodlot to the landscape scale.

Habitat Planning is based in northernmost Maine, separated from New Brunswick Canada by the mighty St. John River. Services are offered World-wide, with a focus on customer needs in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Regardless of your needs, Habitat Planning can provide services ranging from sustainable wood harvest, to management for highest sustainable levels of habitat(s) and biodiversity. Models and plans developed are representative of real world conditions, backed by the best available data and research.

Habitat Planning offers the extensive experience and expertise of Wildlife Biologist Steven Young, whose qualifications include:


Habitat Planning has spent considerable time developing the “front end” of the planning process, namely, automating the creation of graphics from model outputs. While very time consuming to set up in the model and in Excel, resultant graphics are consistent, and human error in data handling is eliminated.

The following graphics include examples of a pie chart of forest composition, a bar chart of forest stand ages (by species group), area charts showing forecasts of habitat into the future with and without management, and a line chart comparing different defined habitats into the future with and without forest management.




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