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Following are some initiatives that we are pursuing.

This book project, showcasing the exquisite and mind-altering artwork of Viki Kennedy ( is a “Things Worth Passing On” book, in which Steve Young explains how the shifting sky has resulted in the changing of our astrology “signs”.  You are not what you think you are dude!  The book is complete with the new positions and dates for the true Sun Signs.

This non-profit organization is being formed to promote sustainable management of our natural resources, and to support other sustainable activities in the Upper St. John River watershed.  A web site is under construction at to showcase the special qualities of “The Valley” which make it unique including the international aspect (Canada/U.S.), the fact that the river here is the longest stretch of un-dammed river east of the Mississippi, the French Culture, the long, cold, and dependable winters and associate activities (skiing, snow sledding, ice-fishing, even dog-sled racing.  The Upper St. John Valley Organization will help to connect people of similar interests in the valley, hopefully establishing partnerships leading to development of local sustainable businesses. 

The Upper St. John Valley Organization will also pursue community based nature education including monitoring programs which involve local elementary, high school, and university students in monitoring programs for birds (specifically Barred Owls and woodcock), amphibians, water quality, and fish (especially focused on collecting information at fish derbies such as the annual Musky fishing derby in Fort Kent                          Email us at

Steve has approached all the towns in the Upper St. John Valley and offered to  create a GIS (geographic information system) map and forest simulation model for all community owned forest land.  The project will result in a GIS map which includes detailed information on community forests along with forecasts of the forest in the future, and options for management from sustainable wood harvest to provision of specific habitat types and biodiversity.

The project will also include mapping of all hiking, biking, ATV, snowmobile, and other recreational trails.  This will help to coordinate individual efforts to maintain or enhance recreational opportunities, and also help to coordinate efforts to ensure that landowners are given the highest respect, and assurances that their land will not be abused.

Tropic of Gemini, a book project with artist-extraordinaire Viki Kennedy

The Upper St. John River Organization

The Upper St. John Valley Community Forest Project

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The goal of this project include inclusion of our neighbors on the Canadian side of the river, and the establishment of a nature center and observatory on the U.S. side.  This nature center would also serve as a data center for nature and environmental information in the valley. 

Interested in this project?  Email us at