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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide unique and quality products and services at fair prices from our business in the French Acadian settlement of Frenchville, Maine.

Our location in the remote and sparsely populated region of northernmost Maine, which we share with our friends and relatives on the opposite side of the mighty St. John River in New Brunswick, Canada, will continue to be a source of inspiration and focus for our work.

Our objective is not financial wealth, but to sustain our modest lifestyle in this beautiful area of our birth, while helping to sustain the local economy and the environment.

Our “One Word Artisans” name was not chosen lightly, or by chance; we feel that we can do our small part to promote respect, fairness, sustainability and ultimately peace in the world community.

To contact us:

One World Artisans

9 Skyway Avenue

Frenchville, ME 04745

Phone: 207-543-5050     1-888-5050-art