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Jan Young creates these slumped candleholders by melting cut pieces of glass over forms. No two are alike!

Unique Slumped Candle Holders

Jan creates these original designs by cutting out her design pieces, fusing them into other glass, sometimes slumping the piece into form.

Fused Glass Art

Jan Young uses the creative side of her brain (her dominant side) to create the beautiful candleholders that take their form while she makes them. No patterns here! Beside Jans awesome designs, she is well-respected for the level of her craft, particularly with her decorative solder work.

One-of-a-kind Candle Holders

Jan makes a wide variety of stained glass sun catchers. Her selections of glass, unique hand-cut original designs, and her soldering prowess combine to make very special, yet very affordable items.

Sun Catchers

Steve Young offers limited-edition photography art. All photographs offered are photographed, enlarged, and matted by the photographer.

Photography Art

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