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Janís Glass Art†† Jan is not only an outstanding artist, but also has experience with all sorts of repair work. Whether you need repair for a church window, or a stained glass art piece that you own, One World Artisans can do it!†††††††††

We are fully set up to produce highest-quality posters, calendars, and even books with industry-standard laser printing.† We can also help you with graphic design to get your message(s) across in an attractive way.

Donít be shy.†

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Stained Glass Installations and Repairs


Wildlife Habitat and Biodiversity Management

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One World Artisans offers photography services, and forest management services, which are marketed under separate divisions of One World Artisans as follows:

Steven Young Photography offering wedding, portrait, copy, and special event photography, photography art, and more, backed by over 20 years professional experience.


View Camera Photography offers ultimate-quality photography for architecture, products, and other specialty needs.

Archival Digital, offering highest-quality and longest-lasting digital prints from your digital files.† We use special inkjet printers for 200+ year enlargement longevity, and archival silver-gelatin black & white enlargements.

Whether you want forest management or your back 40, or for your companyís 200,000 acres, Habitat Planning can provide real-world solutions to your needs including GIS-based spatial modeling services.†

Photography Enlargements

View Camera Photography

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