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Photography & Pricing




                                 at OWA Studio    On Location   On Location (w/ studio lights)

Individuals or couples        $75                     $100                           $150

Groups                             $100                    $125                           $175

Students                            $50                     $75                            $100                  




Includes attendance at wedding rehearsal, and photography of attendance at bride preparation, wedding, groups, and reception, and ten 8x10” enlargement “Units” (see enlargement section).  The fee of $1,000, includes a non-refundable $250 deposit at booking.


Copy & Restoration


Digital Scanning of Customer Negatives or Photograph including color and

       exposure corrections of customers photographs up to 8.5x11” at $5 per image plus $3 for disk and case.

Photographic copy work of originals is also available, as is film copy of

       originals with large-format view cameras (for historic archive purposes), please ask for a quote.

Restoration  Photoshop retouching of imperfections, or image modification is charged at $35/hour, with a minimum charge $10


Photography Events and Special Assignments


Full Day Rate:                                 $500

1/2 Day Rate (<4  hrs):                   $300

Hourly Rate                                   $90


View Camera Photography follows the “Events and Special Assignments” rate with additional film and processing fees of $15 per exposure for 4x5” View Camera Photography and $45 per exposure for 8x10” View Camera Photography.


all negatives and digital images remain the property of Steven Young unless otherwise agreed upon in writing prior to photography services.  Usual fee for photography including

    exclusive photography rights is double the regular rate.





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